Turn off the Music! (Video – 3 mins) –
                There is a common drill I do on the ice with resistance bands called “The Survival of the Fittest. “  One player skates forward while the other player does his best to hold him back.   Many may think I am watching the player in the front, but all too often I am actually looking at the player in the back.  More importantly looking to see where their vision is at.   Why?
                Scripture says that Jesus tells us to, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”   It’s called the parable of the Good Samaritan.  Hercules said, “A true hero isn’t measured by his strength but by the strength of his heart.”   In his book, Thoughts of a Philosophical Fighter Pilot¸ Vice Admiral James B. Stockdale says in his commencement speech to the graduating class of 1981 at John Carroll University, “To ignore a fellow captive in the pressure chamber is to betray him.”  He explains, “This means you are your brother’s keeper.   Therefore, instead of asking, ‘What’s in it for me?’  Realize that your neighbor is a soul that deserves your care and cooperation.”   Wow.
                What are you measuring lately, your strength or the strength of your heart?   In the age of the “selfie” are you only focused on how many likes or views you have on Instagram and Facebook?  Or, instead, are you putting your focus on teammates, classmates, training partners, office clerks, grocery attendants as “souls that deserve care?” Let’s continue to focus on the strength of our hearts so we can build a culture that sees the importance of watching over others, being great accountability partners and loving neighbors as ourselves.   HOOYAH!
Jennifer Matras, CSCS, President  
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