Has anyone ever suggested to you that you should just follow your heart? Or maybe you think it is wise for one to be led by the heart instead of the mind?

I love Jeremiah 17:9 which says, “The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?” I often ask people, “What are you willing to die for?” Unfortunately some people get into life long arguments over opinions or beliefs which are both tied to one’s emotions. Convictions, on the other hand, are more than ideas or feelings and are based on strong values. Therefore, don’t you think it is wiser to make choices on one’s convictions instead of just following our heart which can actually deceive us?

What about you? Can you see moments in your life where, thank God, you made a choice not because it felt good but instead you followed your strong moral compass? Here’s to making sure we aren’t just following the cultural norms or focusing on what’s best only for ourselves but instead Glorify God in all that we do even if it’s the harder path to follow. HOOYAH!

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Have you ever been around those that just try to show off with something they think is impressive? Or what about those who give you a gift or do a random act of kindness only making you feel they want something in return?

Colossians 3:23 says, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.” In his book, Habititudes, Dr. Tim Elmore says, “Isn’t it refreshing to meet someone who has nothing to prove, nothing to lose and nothing to hide?” Being in the sports industry along with strength and conditioning it’s far to common for me to witness those who try to “show off” by how much weight they can lift. Then there are those who perform for the approval or acceptance of others. Yet, how can these types of behaviors build healthy relationships if it based on one’s performance?

What about you? Are you constantly concerned about your performance in hopes that you can get more love or approval from others? I love the statement, “I have an audience of One.” I remind myself daily that the only one I am performing for is Jesus who has already done all the work for me to be loved by the one that matters which is God Himself. HOOYAH!

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What would you say if I asked you, “Do you want to be the same person you are today a year from now?”

2 Corinthians 4:16 says, “Though outwardly we are wasting away, inwardly we are being renewed day by day.” In his book, Renovation of the Heart, Dallas Willard says, “It is easier to do what you have done than what you have not, and especially than what goes contrary to what you have done.” I once heard that change is the price of progress, yet why do so many continue to do the same things, follow the cultural norm or just simply drift through life?

How do you feel about change? Do you welcome the process that is needed in order to grow, become all that God wants you to become and seek out others to help you as well? Willard explains that for us to change bad habits we must, “come to want to not want what we now want.” Therefore, here’s to identifying our blind spots and embracing the changes which are needed for us to succeed! HOOYAH!

Coaching is more than Titles Video

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Weekly Writing – ENOUGH


Author and speaker, Brene Brown, is a world renown researcher on vulnerability and shame. She says many of us struggle with a the question, “Am I enough?” How about you?

Scripture says, “If God is for us, then who can be against us? Therefore, there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” Thank you Lord! In this day and age with all the social media apps, reality TV shows and access to the internet, we are bombarded with the world telling us we are not enough. Author, Sharon Hodde Miller, states in a devotional, “The craving to be seen – to be valued, affirmed, to matter to people – is one I’ve wrestled with most of my life.” She goes on to ask, “If God is the only one who sees me, is that enough?”

How about you? Do you realize that you are loved, cherished and valued by God, along with believe in your heart that He, and He alone, is enough? Here’s to not letting the world tell us who or what we should be, but instead let’s continue to help each other believe in who we are, which is a child of God, that is precious and wonderfully made and that is enough. HOOYAH!

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Pastoral counselor and physician Paul Tournier once said, “Everything that is worthwhile in life is scary. Choosing a school, choosing a career, getting married, having kids – all those things are scary. If it is not fearful, it is not worthwhile.” This reminds me of one of my other favorite quotes, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Dan Brule, the speaker of the workshops this weekend, has given us many things to think about regarding how our breathing affects us and also how it can affect those around us. Let’s continue to face our fears, get outside our comfort zone and continue to work on our breathing in order to improve our health, mental capacity, focus and emotional control which will only strengthen our relationships resulting in more love and peace in the world!


Instead of my weekly words of wisdom, let’s take this time to click on the link below to hear/watch Dan Brule’s amazing message regarding the power of our breath. HOOYAH!

Breathe to be your Best –

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Weekly Writing – THOUGHTS

In his book, Unbeatable Mind, Commander Mark Divine asks his audience, “Are you feeding the Dog of Courage or are you feeding the Dog of Fear?” This makes me think of the character in the movie Wizard of Oz, the Cowardly Lion, and how his wish was to have courage. Which dog are you feeding when faced with challenges? Let’s make sure we feed our dog of courage that is inside all of us with positive self talk, healthy habits and standing for strong values.

Speaking of strong values, speakers Michael Massucci and Greg Amundson are back this week! HOOYAH! Please do not miss this opportunity to learn and grow from these amazing people. Bring your friends and family to hear them as well. Let’s make it the best week of the summer living for others, having a growth mindset and continuing to remove any self-imposed limits.


Have you ever heard the statement, “Humans are creatures of habit?” A definition of this statement is “A person who follows an unvarying routine.” Don’t get me wrong, I believe in routines with positive habits, but if one doesn’t change how will one grow?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. I once read somewhere, “Change is the price of progress.” In her book, The Secret, Rhonda Byrne says, “The law of attraction says like attracts like, so when you think a thought, you are also attracting like thoughts to you.” Bryne goes on to say, “Your current thoughts are creating your future life. What you think about the most or focus on will appear as your life.”

How are your thoughts? Do you have a habit of focusing more on the negative things in life, wondering why certain obstacles are on your path and just wish for things to be easier? Or do you count your blessings, focus on positivity and attract more success in your life due to positive thoughts and positive habits? Let’s continue to realize that “like attracts like” and therefore follow what Steve Siebold says in his book, The Secrets of the World Class, ”Happiness is learning, growing and becoming.” HOOYAH!

Excellence as a Standard Video –

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Weekly Writing – EMOTIONS

If I was to ask you to write a letter to all those that have helped you in your life do you know who you would thank? Would it be teachers, mentors, friends, family?

In the bible, Apostle Paul ends his letter to the Romans in Chapter 16 thanking all those who have shaped him, invested in him, took a risk on him and also those who were crazy enough to join him. Author, motivational speaker and retired Navy SEAL, Mark Divine, says there are 5 mountains to self-mastery. They are physical, mental, emotional, intuitional and spiritual. At the Unbeatable Mind retreat, I found it inspiring to listen to a Navy SEAL talk about emotions. Yes, emotions. Divine believes one cannot become the best version of themselves if they don’t get in touch with their emotions. He asks his audience, “Which four dominant emotions drive your behavior? Do you operate out of fear? Anger? Jealousy? Love? Joy?” He encourages us to “Replace fear with courage, anger with joy, jealously with acceptance, pessimism with trust.”

How is your connection to your emotional mountain? Are you following in Apostle Paul and Divine’s footsteps to live with an attitude of gratitude, embracing love, acceptance, joy and trust? Let’s not let negative emotions derail us from commitments or keep us from bettering our relationships. Instead, let’s work to be our ideal selves helping change the world for good. HOOYAH!

Emotional Resiliency Video (3 mins. A must watch! ) –

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Weekly Writing – EXAMINE


Navy SEALS are all about challenges. One mile lunge walks, 1000 reps of an exercise or even a 24 hour walk in solitude. One may think some of these could be easy. Plug into your head phones and just jam to music all while the time passes by, right? Yet, we’re not encouraged to listen to music when facing these kinds of challenges. How come?

Philosopher Socrates once said, “An unexamined life is not worth living.” In his book, Just Breathe, Dan Brule interviews US Army Brigadier General James Cook (retired) regarding conscious breathing. Cook says, “The mind can fabricate a lot of fears. Conscious breathing keeps us present and in touch with reality.” He goes on to say, “This peace that seems to pass understanding can be hard for the ego to grasp.” Cook uses breath awareness to keep himself relaxed, calm, alert and in an energized state.

Where do your thoughts go when faced with a challenge? Do you just zone out singing to your favorite Beatles tune all while trying to avoid negative self-talk, pain or fear? Or do you examine your life, examine your thoughts and realize there is a greater path to lead us to our best selves? Let’s continue to follow in the footsteps of the ELITE, face our fears and learn to bring our attention to our breath which, as scripture says, “Brings us the peace of God which surpasses all understanding. “ HOOYAH!

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Weekly Writing – FEAR

Happy Amazing Mother’s Day!

Can I get a big HOOYAH for all the women in the world?! Did you know the two things we can control in life are our attitudes and our work ethic? My mother definitely instilled work ethic in me and I hope yours did too along with the understanding of the power of our attitudes. Pastor Charles Swindoll once said, “10% of life is what happens to us and 90% is how we respond.” Let’s continue to realize we are designed to be co-creators of our lives with God and make it the best we can be by how we respond to all that is happening for us. Remember, as author Greg Amundson says, “Things don’t happen to us, they happen for us.” AMEN!

Let’s keep up the consistently with this training and continue to persevere when those struggles (and weight vests) seem to be more than we can bear. I know with the help of box breathing and Dan Brule’s book I have found my body doing three deep breathes automatically in between challenging rounds. So, let’s keep yawning, being conscious of our breathes and making sure we love what our bodies want to do… MOVE! Here’s to making sure we are surrounding ourselves with those who will be honest with us, challenge us and help us become the best we can be.


All too often people tell me, “I need to get into shape Jennifer before I come to your classes.” Or “I am scared or fearful of all that I hear goes on.” When did people begin to avoid or actually fear what their bodies want to do? When did training or exercise become something that was all about vanity, judgment, shame and comparison?

1 John 4:18 says, “Perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment.” It happens almost on a weekly basis that I am with a hockey team and I see kids on the other end of the ice getting punished with push –ups for something they did wrong. Or kids getting bag skated because they didn’t perform better in a game the day before. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in teaching others about consequences, as people need to learn that good actions produces good results. But when did we begin using something that should be a positive (exercise) as a source of punishment? Check out our video below on why we don’t believe in using exercises as a form of punishment and why at CES we believe in changing people’s mindset about movement and challenges. Let’s keep working towards what God meant for us to be….. yawning, energetic beings who love doing challenges while being in community with others! HOOYAH!

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Weekly Writing – BELIEFS

A few years ago I was taking some classes at Moody’s Theological Seminary. One day a professor asked, “If something becomes the norm in one’s society or culture does it make it right?” What are your thoughts to this question?

In scripture, Genesis 2:7 says, “The Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living being.” In his book, Just Breathe: Mastering Breathwork for Success in Life, Love, Business and Beyond, Dan Brule shares that it was this piece of scripture awakening a passion in him to become an expert in breathwork. It is Brule who goes against the cultural norms and is helping people see the importance of breathing and yawning. He states, “Yawning is a natural breathing technique that will improve your overall health and well-being. It energizes you, helps with sleep, mood and anxiety, and it discharges stress and tension.”

So, why do you believe what you believe? Have you been raised to think yawning is rude when it is actually what our bodies are meant to do to improve health? What other cultural norms are you following that may be hindering your performance or keeping you from becoming the best you can be? Check out our video below explaining a little more on why CES does the uncommon things to produce the uncommon results and wants you to become the best you can be. HOOYAH!

Video 4 mins –

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