5-Minute Daily Performance Routine

With the time constraints of school, sport, and family time there are some times where you just can’t make a training session. This however shouldn’t stop you from doing something daily that will help you reach your goals and stay injury free. At a bare minimum do these exercises (totaling 5 minutes all together) to ensure you are improving on days where you cannot train.


1.) Jump Rope (Total Time 2 Minutes *1min of double unders, and 30seconds per leg)

 IMG_1301  IMG_1302

2.) Overhead Squats (Total Time 1 minute *3 sets of 10 reps)

IMG_1304  IMG_1306

3.) Crossover Stride with Overhead Press (Total Time 1 Minute *2 Sets of 5 reps/side)

IMG_1310  IMG_1311

4.) Sumo Squat Hold (Total Time 1 Minute)

IMG_1299  IMG_1300

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