Pastoral counselor and physician Paul Tournier once said, “Everything that is worthwhile in life is scary. Choosing a school, choosing a career, getting married, having kids – all those things are scary. If it is not fearful, it is not worthwhile.” This reminds me of one of my other favorite quotes, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Dan Brule, the speaker of the workshops this weekend, has given us many things to think about regarding how our breathing affects us and also how it can affect those around us. Let’s continue to face our fears, get outside our comfort zone and continue to work on our breathing in order to improve our health, mental capacity, focus and emotional control which will only strengthen our relationships resulting in more love and peace in the world!


Instead of my weekly words of wisdom, let’s take this time to click on the link below to hear/watch Dan Brule’s amazing message regarding the power of our breath. HOOYAH!

Breathe to be your Best –