Years ago I heard the following statement. “No bible, no breakfast. No bible, no bed.” It was a particular father emphasizing what beliefs they have in their home. I love this, not just because of the concept of reading scripture daily, but it’s teaching a very valuable life lesson – delayed gratification.

In his book, Motivation, Tom Gorman defines delayed gratification as, “Acting upon a longer-term goal rather than a conflicting short-term want.” We all have goals. We also all have wants. Yet, as Gorman states, they usually “conflict” with one another. Maybe your goal is to play a Division 1 sport, but you want to be liked by your friends who are pressuring you to do drugs or alcohol. Maybe your goal is to be lean and strong, yet you want chocolate cake and pizza. Writer James Clear says, “Success usually comes down to choosing the pain of discipline over the ease of distraction. And that’s exactly what delayed gratification is all about.”

How are you with distractions? Are you quick to choose the easier route rather than have the grit to stick with your long term goals day in and day out? Or do you look at your list of goals every day, build your willpower to delay gratification and stay committed when competing desires arise? Let’s continue to be the uncommon whom chooses the pain of discipline and reaches their goals through grit, willpower and wholehearted commitment. HOOYAH!