If I was to ask you to write a letter to all those that have helped you in your life do you know who you would thank? Would it be teachers, mentors, friends, family?

In the bible, Apostle Paul ends his letter to the Romans in Chapter 16 thanking all those who have shaped him, invested in him, took a risk on him and also those who were crazy enough to join him. Author, motivational speaker and retired Navy SEAL, Mark Divine, says there are 5 mountains to self-mastery. They are physical, mental, emotional, intuitional and spiritual. At the Unbeatable Mind retreat, I found it inspiring to listen to a Navy SEAL talk about emotions. Yes, emotions. Divine believes one cannot become the best version of themselves if they don’t get in touch with their emotions. He asks his audience, “Which four dominant emotions drive your behavior? Do you operate out of fear? Anger? Jealousy? Love? Joy?” He encourages us to “Replace fear with courage, anger with joy, jealously with acceptance, pessimism with trust.”

How is your connection to your emotional mountain? Are you following in Apostle Paul and Divine’s footsteps to live with an attitude of gratitude, embracing love, acceptance, joy and trust? Let’s not let negative emotions derail us from commitments or keep us from bettering our relationships. Instead, let’s work to be our ideal selves helping change the world for good. HOOYAH!

Emotional Resiliency Video (3 mins. A must watch! ) –