Building an Uncommon Champion

"Building An Uncommon Champion" book Cover

By Jennifer Matras

So many of us dream of success, but stumble on the path before reaching it.

Whether you have an athletic child who dreams of a professional sports career or you are challenged by the inability to reach your own personal or professional goals, learn to overcome common obstacles, embrace challenges and unlock the uncommon champion inside you.

With years of experience working with athletes and a strong foundation of faith, Coach Jennifer Matras will teach you to develop the type of mindset and character needed to reach and sustain the highest level in sports, school, and life using proven techniques based on Navy SEAL training philosophies.

Become an uncommon champion, following the path God has carved for all of us to be the best that we can possibly be, with the heart to keep working, the mental toughness to embrace adversity and the humility to know we can always keep getting better.

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This book you will help you achieve uncommon results in:

Mental toughness

Build the type of mental toughness that will draw you out of your comfort zone and help you reach your highest potential – both on the sports field and in life.

Communication skills

Break down the distracting communication roadblocks that prevent you from becoming your best self.

Focus and discipline

Learn from the best of the best. Find out how strategies used in Navy SEALS training will help you get to the next level and sustain success for a lifetime.


We are all born with unlimited potential. Find out how facing adversity and challenges can help build a foundation of self-confidence to promote growth in strength and character.

Healthier relationships

Learn techniques that build emotional resiliency and commitment. These are the traits that will lead to success and, more importantly, improve relationships with those around you.

Overall performance

Proven practices that increase strength and enhance technical skills in the arena, weight room and classroom, along with building world-class leadership skills.