3 Tips To Start Eating Healthy

By:  Josh Coenen, CSCS,  Strength Coach as C.E.S.

With all of the new diet books being produced everyday that contradict each other, as well as large companies bombarding us with advertisements its no wonder that diet is one of the most challenging things to understand, but it doesn’t have to be. There are a few key steps to making the transition to a healthy diet seem effortless.

1.) Start with one meal, not a whole diet: Typically we all eat the same few meals each week. Instead on jumping the gun and trying to change everything at once, start with your favorite meal and either substitute healthier ingredients in, or add a healthy side to the meal. Starting with one meal is a lot less stressful and easier to accomplish ensuring success. This also is a great way to get back on track if you go off and “cheat” (as everyone does) just focus on making the next meal healthy to make up for it verses letting the whole day slide.

2.) You have to enjoy what you eat: Most people have the belief that a healthy diet doesn’t taste good, this is far from the truth. The problem most people have is they go for the healthiest meal they can find and don’t make a selection based on their own unique preferences. Any type of dish (Mexican, Italian, American etc.) can be healthy, choose your favorite and start there.

3.) A diet has no deadline, it’s a lifestyle: So often diets are advertised as “30 days until abs” or “Beach ready in 6 weeks”. A healthy way of eating is a lifestyle and is something that has no end date. With diets like the ones I posted above people either go back to their normal habits after, or get so confused and overwhelmed that they just quit. It’s all about creating habits and routines.

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