How To Easily Add More Leafy Greens To Your Diet

By:  Josh Coenen, CSCS,  Strength Coach as C.E.S.

If you were to pick up any diet book, or ask anyone what they should eat to be healthier the answer would unanimously be more vegetables. Below are the top 3 ways I went from hating anything green, to having most of my meals be vegetables.

1.) Chop and Mix Method: The easiest way to get more greens in is to add them to other foods. To do this at first I would chop the veggies so small that I could not taste or notice they were even there. Some of the meals I used this with was omelets, stir fry (rice and some type of meat), and with soups.

2.) Lightly Steamed: Another great way is to add the greens as a side. The best way I found to do this was to lightly steam them in grass-fed butter, olive oil, or ghee, and then top them off with sea salt. This is not only a great way to get leafy greens in, but also more fat. Saturated fat is what you produce hormones with among other purposes. Most people either don’t get enough, or eat damaged/low quality fats which are not treated the same by the body.

3.) Smoothies: Green Smoothies are the fastest way to get the nutrients you need in your body. To ease into a full-blown green smoothie add more fruit, peanut butter, almond butter etc. which over powers the taste of the greens until your body begins to crave the nutrients and you add more greens in.

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