If You Could Prevent A Major Disease Would You?

By:  Josh Coenen, CSCS,  Strength Coach as C.E.S.

“If you don’t make time for health now, you will have to make time for sickness in the future” – Peter Sage

If you are in your 40’s or older you have an 80% chance of dying either from Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer, Cerebrovascular Disease (stroke), or a Neurodegenerative Disease (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s etc.). What do all of these diseases have in common? First is that they are all metabolic diseases, meaning that they are not caused by an infection, but rather are progressive over a long period of time. Second is that these are relatively new diseases that were not nearly as prevalent even a 100 years ago. Lastly is that they are virtually nonexistent in cultures that have not been influenced by a standard western diet.

The reason why this information is important is because most of the “health” foods we are told to eat are not based on evidence, but rather financial incentive. Refined sugar is an extremely cheap ingredient and can make anything taste good. Did you know cancer cells can only grow using sugar? The grains produced today don’t even resemble the same crop from a 100 years ago due to genetic modification. Gluten (which is a protein in wheat) is the number one tested food allergy in most people, and causes food particles and toxins to pass the gut lining into the blood stream and eventually to the brain. These are just two examples out of thousands of ingredients that have recently made their way into our diets.

We give the same information to our athletes, and to our adult population because a healthy diet of whole foods not only leads to performance in the gym and in sport, but also to a long healthy life. Make sure to keep on the look out for our up coming articles in this nutrition series breaking down what foods lead to health, and what ones to avoid.

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