Strength & Conditioning

Sports Performance Training for Hockey Players, Athletes in Any Sport & Non-Athletes

Each 60- to 90-Minute Training Session Include:

Off-Ice Hockey Workouts

  • Dynamic warm-ups that include joint mobility and stability work
  • Agility drills, speed mechanics, jump roping, agility ladders, and reactive drills
  • Double and single leg plyometric drills performed forward, backwards and laterally
  • Core training designed to maximize spinal stability, posture, balance and transfer of power
  • Stability ball and BOSU ball work for core function and joint stability
  • Medicine ball throws and movements for power and coordination
  • Olympic lifting for total body power, coordination and strength
  • Total body strength training movements
  • Unilateral resistance training (single leg and arm exercises)
  • Conditioning specific to the demands of the sport
  • Stretching and foam rolling to promote flexibility and recovery
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation exercises

Especially for Hockey Players!

  • Advanced bilateral and unilateral exercises to maximize biomechanical efficiency
  • Intense conditioning drills designed to promote rapid recovery and the ability to play longer shifts

Team Development – Coaches welcome!

  • Skills-based instruction for all sports
  • Injury prevention with weight room instruction
  • Team building, performance driven

The Competitive Edge: Leadership Development, Mental Training & Sports Nutrition Counseling

  • Getting a mental edge: Learn how you can develop a winning mindset
  • Enhanced awareness on breathing techniques used by Navy SEALS, Olympians and elite performers
  • Leadership development for communication skills, better body language, emotional resiliency and strong character
  • Nutritional guidance for greater health, mental clarity and elite performance
  • Counseling and workshops presented by experts

Program Options

Contact us at 248-752-4470 for our current rates.

  • Unlimited Membership Your credit card will be automatically billed each month; cancel any time
  • Drop-In Paid by cash or check only at time of session
  • Team Training – Single Session
  • Team Training – 1x/week for 6 Months
  • Team Training – 2x/week for 6 Months

An Uncommon Culture to Develop Driven, Elite Athletes

Spring & Summer 9-Week Hockey Training Programs

  • Off-ice strength training and conditioning
  • On-ice skating development, stick handling and puck-protection instruction
  • Leadership & character development
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Mental training workshops
  • Parent workshops

Registration begins in January.

SPRING On-Ice and Off-Ice Training Program
March - May
Kensington Valley Ice House, Brighton, Michigan

SUMMER On-Ice and Off-Ice Training Program
July - August
Kensington Valley Ice House, Brighton, Michigan

Contact us at 248-752-4470 for our current rates.

Non-Athlete Group Training

Our program is not exclusive to athletes! We welcome people of all ages and backgrounds to participate and enjoy the benefits of a good total body fitness program. Whether you’re looking to get in shape, lose some weight or prepare for a sport or event, our group sessions can provide you with the opportunity to achieve your goals. Learn More

Positive Results: Read What People are Saying

The best program going for hockey, skating…and more!

“My wife and I just reviewed all of the reports [our son] JP received today and we are just thrilled with the results of all his hard work. I had a conversation with a hockey coach and he asked me all about the [Competitive Edge] program. I found myself going on and on. In my heart of hearts I know this is the best program going for hockey, skating, nutrition, mental toughness and life after hockey. Keep it going, you are doing a great job for all of the kids in your program. We are lucky to have you!”

Tim Lafferty

Father of a young travel player in Novi, Michigan

Questions? Want to Learn More?

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