5 Essentials for Lean Muscle Mass Weight Gain

Meet Daily Vitamin, Mineral, and Micronutrient Values: In order for your body to gain weight it needs the fuel in order to do so. If you’re lacking in certain nutrients your body believes its in a time of scarcity and will focus on keeping you alive, verses giving your body everything it needs to better respond to the stress of training by adding muscle. This is why WHOLE FOODS are so key.

Each Meal Must be Balanced: Every single meal needs to be balanced to ensure you’re getting everything you need. If your breakfast is a bagel, lunch is a sandwich, and dinner is spaghetti you are nowhere close to a balanced, sufficient food intake. EVERY single meal needs to contain vegetables, protein, fat, and a carbohydrate. If you want to feel your best as well as gain weight, this needs to be a priority.

Put More Focus on Recovery: The 60-90 minutes you put into training is the stimulus to build the muscle but the other 22-23 hours of the day are just as important to produce results. You need to put just as much focus on recovering fully in order to keep training to stimulate muscle growth . This includes sleep, stretching, foam rolling, moving throughout the day, and fixing posture.

Consistent Training: In order for your body to be in an anabolic (building and repairing) state it constantly needs the hormonal signaling that training produces. Simply put more training = more results.

Eat More Protein: Make sure to have sufficient protein intake to help facilitate muscle growth.   Eat nothing less than 1g/bodyweight in protein. (Example if you weight 145lbs you need at least 145g protein/day)

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