If you are curious about why we train like we do, especially with a focus on 1 legged drills, please check out our video below and don’t forget the words of wisdom to make sure we continue to do our part to make the world a better place.   Here’s to shattering the myth that easy is good and hard is bad!
One legged training video (4 mins) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07OkcyDJf74
                If I was to say, “There are the two types of people in this world,” what would you guess? “Leaders and followers?”  “Proactive and reactive people?”   Maybe you’d answer, “Hard working versus lazy?”   These are common responses, but what if I was looking for something more along the lines of building a certain culture or climate?
                I’ve recently been reminded of an old childhood statement, “Monkey see, monkey do.”  In his book, Habitudes:  Images that Form Leadership Habits and Attitudes, Dr. Tim Elmore says, “People are either thermometers or thermostats.  They will merely reflect the climate around them, or they will set it.”   I love that.  Author and motivational speaker, Michael Massucci, reminds our players at CES that our nerve endings in our eyes have a greater connection to our brain than our ears.  This explains why Elmore says, “Most people are thermometers.  They buy things what others buy, say things that others say and value things that others value.  They just mirror back their climate.”
                What are you?  Are you a thermometer who is merely influenced by others?  Or are you a leader who is a thermostat who, as Elmore says, “Taking your life to the next level, excited about work and being a positive influence to others?”   Let’s make sure we aren’t just following the crowd, playing monkey see, monkey do and instead let’s make sure we are setting a positive tone for others, living with strong values and being the best leaders we can be.  HOOYAH!
Jennifer Matras, CSCS, President  
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